Snepo FabLab is 200 square metres of dedicated space with a range of machines, tools and materials available. An interdisciplinary space designed to support commercial clients, entrepreneurs and students working with emerging technologies. We also have regular community open days to help facilitate the development of open source solutions with a particular focus on the local community. 

What is a FabLab?

Fab labs provide widespread access to modern means for invention. They began as an outreach project from MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA). CBA assembled millions of dollars in machines for research in digital fabrication, ultimately aiming at developing programmable molecular assemblers that will be able to make almost anything. Fab labs fall between these extremes, comprising roughly fifty thousand dollars in equipment and materials that can be used today to do what will be possible with tomorrow's personal fabricators.

Text courtesy of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms



Small-scale high-tech business incubation and grass-roots research

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Local community events and meet ups. 



Peer-to-peer project-based technical training and local problem-solving.


Innovation & Future Thinking Workshop

If your organisation makes products, uses data and technology solutions, than we have a workshop for you. Our interactive experience workshops are designed to help leaders embrace disruption, demystify technology, and build agility and innovation into their teams. 

A showcase of the most recent projects to be facilitated through Snepo Labs.

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Digital Whisper
by Sami Sabik

Digital Whispers derives from Sami Sabik fascination for the (im)perfection of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using IBM’s Watson technology, Digital Whispers performs natural voice synthesis and voice recognition algorithms on seven computers that replaces the humans in the game of Chinese Whispers.


PROudly powered by zuper superannuation

Use your super to support FabLabs

If you join Zuper, choose FabLabs as your Instant Impact option and they’ll make a donation to us at no cost to you! 

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by Wearable X

Nadi X is a line of activated yoga apparel that listens & responds to your body, guiding you through your yoga flow. These pants are designed with embedded technology. Co-founded by Ben Moir the prototyping was accelerated in the Lab where the company bases its engineering and technical team.


science week clean air sensor workshop

Snepo is developing an open source air quality sensor as part of its community STEM education program. For instructions on how to build your own sensor click below. 



Snepo has been experimenting with fluid dynamics and particle system. The simulations have been hardware accelerated using GPU calculations with over 200,000 particles animating at 60 frames per second (and thats on a relatively old Nvidia GeForce GPU). Get in touch to find our more.


Project spotlight humus-human

A big congratulations to Interactive Media Artist Jonathon Bolitho for his work on Humus-Human which was selected to be exhibited as part of Siteworks at Bundanon Trust.


Stellar Lumi BY STEAMPOP

Stellar Lumi is a new variation  in the Lumifold range. Use your thinking hands to explore mathematical concepts, bio -mimicry and the art of folding. Experience the wonder of transformation as you turn a flat piece of paper into a three-dimensional form to produce a beautiful lamp. Be inspired by their latest event!