Innovation & Future Thinking Workshops

The Zero-SuM Games

A 1-day interactive experience to help leaders embrace disruption, demystify technology, and build agility and innovation into their teams. 

A deeply interactive session, leaders will spend time

► Immersed in the ‘Technology Lab’, where they can get hands on experience with some of the latest tech

► Exposed to the latest cutting-edge technology and ideas through an immersive experience with Snepo (Fab Lab)

► Lead through a change and disruption workshop

► Disrupt paradigms that block technological adoption within organisation

You’ll also meet the makers, experiment with equipment and discover the unlimited ways materials, data and technology are unlocking circular economy opportunities. 

If your organisation makes products, uses data and technology solutions, or you are interested in expanding your own skills in this area, our workshops are right for you. 

Contact to reserve a private workshop.

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